1. Virtual Lab for Antenna Design (VirAntennTM)1

Applications : Antennas on Aircraft, Ships and Automobiles
Funding : Naval Air Systems Command (Patuxent River, Maryland)
Beta Release : 2008, Free to Beta Testers

First, design the radiating element:

Next, design the array:

... and finally, simulate with the platform:

1 VirAntenn utilizes computational engines developed by Ohio State University and Applied EM Inc.

2. Virtual Lab for Wireless Design (ViLab-WTM)

Applications : Cellular, Wi-Fi,...etc.
Funding : DARPA
Alpha Release : June 2004, Free to Beta Testers

3. VirAntenn for Phased Array Design( VirAntenn ArrayTM)

Applications : Complete Phased Array Design software (includes statistical analysis)
Funding : Commercial Client
Released: 2007, Contact us for pricing.